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The SKYDIVEBALKAN’s team is constituted by highly qualified professionals, which proved their professionalism by safe performance of thousand jumps and flights. The Tandem Instructors are parachute instructors, commandos in the Bulgarian military forces.  The riggers engaged in packing proses have a large international experience with different parachute systems. The safe performance of the jumps and flights is the leading motivation for the day to day operation.

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Flights to me!

The CompAir-7 aircraft is seven seats turboprop equipped with powerful and reliable (675 h.p.) M601D engine. Тhe aircraft was built in Florida USA and assembled by experienced Bulgarian experts. This type of aircraft operatessuccessfully for skydiving activities in Chile, Brazil, South Africa and Finland.



Our team

(Български) Андро - Пилот инструктор

Andro - pilot / instructor. He has more than 11 000 hours safe flights on 13 types of light and heavy aircraft.

(Български) Парашутист, видео и фото заснемане

Ogi - Cameraman

(Български) Тандемен инструктор

Дидо – Tandem instructor

(Български) Тандемен инструктор

Петко - Tandem instructor

(Български) Любо - лицензиран автомеханик

Любо - Aviation mechanic

(Български) Тандемен инструктор

Георги - Tandem instructor