Tandem jump

What is a Tandem Jump?

The Tandem jump is the easiest way to get touched by skydiving in general and the wonderful feeling of the free-fall. During the tandem jump you are hooked at front of your instructor and together to the parachute system. The tandem instructors are professional skydivers who have at least 2000 jumps. Their responsibilities are to deploy the parachute, to fly it and to land it together with you. If you wish you can ask your instructor to let you fly the parachute or even to pull the handle of the parachute yourself, or you can simply enjoy your skydive jump free as a passenger.
The jump itself offers 10 minutes of flying with airplane “Comp Air-7” till the altitude of 3500 meters is reached, exit the plane hooked to your instructor; 50 seconds of free-fall with speed of 240 km/h during which you will feel the thrill of lifetime; deploying of the parachute and a pleasant 5 minute flight before landing, enjoying the nice beautiful Bulgaria.

  • (Български) Тандемен скок с парашут
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What should be done to jump with a parachute in tandem?

First, press Book a Tandem Jump - this is the only way to save the day and time to jump. Without reservation you risk to wait several hours at the airport and do not jump. Follow the steps of the registration:

  1. Choose whether you want only jump or leap with video and photography

Filming is done with professional equipment from another parachutist who jumps with you. You can view facebook.com/SKYDIVEBALKAN, to become familiar with already captured materials. Besides being proof that you are really jumped in front of unbelievers, photos and video are wonderful memory of this experience

2. Specify what day and time you want to jump - green squares are free and inactive buttons are occupied.
The aircraft has five locations - two passengers with their instructors and one kameramen or a paratrooper or a tandem jump with kameramen two paratroopers could be a fly on the same hour

3. Leave us your contacts to send you confirmation of reservation or to contact you if weather conditions do not allow jumping to not waste time in vain
4. Choose a way to pay 50 leva for booking - by bank transfer, paypal...